Overhead Structures from Amber Waves Inc.


Amber Waves produces a quality Pre-Engineered Overhead Bin Structure, which will support all of Amber Waves Bins up to $800 bushel bins.  Our Modular design allows for single or multiple bins with drive thru capabilities starting at 12’6” wide x 14.0’ high to 16.0’ wide x 16.0’ high.

Details and Specifications


Check out these customized options to fit your needs.

Overhead Structures

Model Features
S1212 For 12′ diameter bins, 12′ clearance
S1214 For 12′ diameter bins, 14′ clearance
S1216 For 12′ diameter bins, 16′ clearance
S1412 For 14′ diameter bins, 12′ clearance
S1414 For 14′ diameter bins, 14′ clearance
S1416 For 14′ diameter bins, 16′ clearance
S1512 For 15′ diameter bins, 12′ clearance
S1514 For 15′ diameter bins, 14′ clearance
S1516 For 15′ diameter bins, 16′ clearance
S1612 For 16′ diameter bins, 12′ clearance
S1614 For 16′ diameter bins, 14′ clearance
S1616 For 16′ diameter bins, 16′ clearance